Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a BEAUTIFUL Sunday!

WOW! The last 2 days have been AWESOME!! Sunshine and warm weather! Spring needs to hurry up and get here.. I got the fever!! :) Today was sunch a GR8 Sunday.. we went to church, headed over to my sis-n-law's house for lunch and hung out all afternoon on their back deck! Miss Mack played all day outside and just kept going without a nap. Miss EmmaLee spent the weekend with her Grand-daddy and finally made it to Midevil times... she couldn't stop talking about it once we picked her up! A few weeks ago Mack's bike was stolen off our street along with the little boy's bike next door. Someone really made those 2 very upset, so we decided to get Mack her new one this weekend... and we found a DORA bike that she just loves to death!! So, when we got home from spending the day at Mary's.. Paul got to crackin on getting the bike put together. Once he got it done.. he and Mack went to a ride and her smile was enough for me to know she was lovin it! This one will NOT be left sitting by the mailbox!! LOL! :) I don't think we could handle losing DORA! Here are a few pics of her bike.. I hope everyone who reads this had as GR8 of a day as I did!

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  1. I'm loving your blog. Glad to be an inspiration to someone these days. I love pink too, so your blog is doubly adorable. My scrapbook room is pink, turquoise and red. Love Emma's room, it's looking really great. Decidint what color to paint the drawer fronts I am between pink and black. Will decide for sure soon. Take care.