Friday, February 12, 2010

My #2 Blog.... A LAZY FRIDAY!

Hello friends,

Today is a LAZY Friday for me! My girls have been shipped (lol) off to my parents for the long 4 day weekend. I LOVE my long weekends with just me and the hubby. We actually get some "US" time and keeps me from losing my mind. I am really lucky to have parents who want to keep the grand daughters for more than a day. They live 3 hrs away, so it's not like they get to see them whenever so I think that helps. Our forecast is calling for SNOW.. a small part of me is wanting the snow, but an even bigger part of me is saying "Please don't snow! I want to be able to have a date with my husband!" Anywho, I haven't decided yet on what project I wanna start, but I plan on hitting up Hobby Lobby this weekend, since I have some free time, and seeing what catches my eye! But until then... I am just gonna post some pics of my life to share... Hopefuly when the weekend passes and the new week begins..I will have an awesome craft to take pics of and post! Hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend and a ~LOVELY~ Valentine's Day with a loved one!

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