Monday, March 29, 2010


We here at the Coad house... have been loving the BEAUTIFUL weather we have been getting! This coming week is sure to be AWESOME... 76 and sunny just about EVERYDAY! Miss Em has about 6 weeks of school left.. maybe a lil more than 6 weeks, but she is counting down!!! I just had my 29th birthday and I am just not sure about how I feel being so close to 30. I know I am still young, but it almost seems a curse we start out so young just to live our life and in the end... not have much energy or gr8 health to do much with the last of our days. But that's how it goes and has been going like that forever... not much I can do about it. Anywho.. here are a few pics of the girls enjoying the park and sunshine!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm behind!!

I will catch up very soon!!! I hope everyone has an AWESOME Easter!!! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm a WINNER!!! :)

So, I entered this giveaway on a blog I have started following.. TATORTOTS AND JELLO.... I have came across some VERY cute stuff! But... this giveaway featured some really unique jewlry and I am UBER excited to pick out my prize! Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!! There is another giveaway posted and I didn't even think twice about entering it as well! Wonder if I should go buy a lottery ticket!!! Hmmmm... Anyway.. I hope you guys have had an awesome March! The weather is getting so nice and warm!! I will post some new pics of the fam very soon. Just haven't had time lately, but we plan on hitting a kids expo this weekend.. should make for some gr8 pics! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A conversation I had with Miss Mack!

Mack: Mommy why is it raining??

Me: B/c God needs to water the world's trees and grass.. and give the cows some water in there pond.

Mack: Where is God?

Me: He is up in the sky!

Mack: Where?? I can't see him!!

Me: He's there sweet heart.. you just can't see him!

Mack: Hello God!!... Mommy.. He's not talking to me!

Me: Baby he's there and you can talk to him all you want.. he always listens... he's just not much of a talker.

Mack: God... Can you please make it stop raining so I can go play with Jonathan (our little neighbor boy)?? Mommy said I can't go outside until it stops raining... PLEASE!!!

Me: Mack, I just love you!! You are so amazing...

Mack: Mommy, I love you too.. LOOK.. it stopped raining.. can I go outside now??

How could I have said no.... so out in the mud she went...