Sunday, March 14, 2010

A conversation I had with Miss Mack!

Mack: Mommy why is it raining??

Me: B/c God needs to water the world's trees and grass.. and give the cows some water in there pond.

Mack: Where is God?

Me: He is up in the sky!

Mack: Where?? I can't see him!!

Me: He's there sweet heart.. you just can't see him!

Mack: Hello God!!... Mommy.. He's not talking to me!

Me: Baby he's there and you can talk to him all you want.. he always listens... he's just not much of a talker.

Mack: God... Can you please make it stop raining so I can go play with Jonathan (our little neighbor boy)?? Mommy said I can't go outside until it stops raining... PLEASE!!!

Me: Mack, I just love you!! You are so amazing...

Mack: Mommy, I love you too.. LOOK.. it stopped raining.. can I go outside now??

How could I have said no.... so out in the mud she went...

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  1. Hi Samantha!

    Congratulations - you won the Crimson Clover giveaway on my blog!! Send me your contact information and I will get it to Tia. Also, let me know asap if you want anything that's currently in her shop. She is at a trunk show and will set your pieces aside so she doesn't sell them. She can also make you a custom piece with whatever you want on the pendants, but won't be back home until next weekend.

    I'm so excited for you!

    {tatertots & jello}