Friday, February 19, 2010


I have FINALLY completed a project!!! I have been working on my oldest daughter's room.. trying to give her a more GIRLY ,GIRL, BIG GIRL room... and I think I have succeeded!! It has taken 2 weeks to complete with the painting and furniture and everything else I have goin on! Still have to get her bookcase and another shelf up, but I think it is looking (looks) AWESOME and Miss EmmaLee LOVES it!! She has 3 pink walls and 1 purple (her sister got her room painted as well and has 3 purple walls and 1 pink!), I got some black metal letters that have ribbon to hang them.. and I spelled out her name above her bed! (HOBBY LOBBY 1/2 PRICE), some wall decor (not all of it has been hung) 1/2 price as well!! :) New furniture from Ikea, new sheets and bedding, a new lamp.. Just about everything you see in the pics is just about NEW!! And she loves it so much that she almost didn't go to her Grand Daddy's this weekend cause she wanted to sleep in her new room and just hang out!! But I told her it wasn't goin anywhere and it would be here when she got back!! Let me know what ya think Miss Cheryl!! ;) I still have more stuff to hang, but I am so happy with I have gotten done now.. Just had to share!!

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